Review: WineOff Stain Remover

Review: WineOff Stain Remover

When one drinks a lot of wine, one spills a lot of wine.

Result: Many an article of clothing, napkin, and tablecloth stained purple.

While wine stain removal products are legion, WineOff, which I put to the test recently, is exceptional at the job. Just spray the stain and it goes to work. There is no alcohol, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide here, but rather a mix of “friendly” bacteria and enzymes that eat away the stain. Bacteria just love to drink wine, it seems.

And it works really well. I tried WineOff on some ancient wine stains on tablecloths that had been through the wash dozens of times, and it was effective at lifting them off almost completely after a spray and a wash. A few stubborn stains remained behind (and it does not do anything at all for other types of stains)… but I can’t fault WineOff for having about a 90% effectiveness rate.

The company behind WineOff, Bio-Pro, also produces CoffeeOff and UrineOff, the usage of which I’ll leave to your imagination.

A- / $11 per 4 oz bottle [BUY IT NOW FROM AMAZON]

WineOff Stain Remover




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