Review: PaQui Silvera Tequila Blanco

Review: PaQui Silvera Tequila Blanco

Cinco de Mayo is nearly upon us, and that means Drinkhacker HQ is now flooded with tequila, so we’re now getting crackin’ on the stuff. Let’s start with a simple, and pretty good, one, a new tequila brand called PaQui.

Fans of smooth tequilas will immediately dig PaQui’s body, at least once they get the cap off (hint: it’s actually a cork-style stopper, not a screwtop). Round and buttery, it has a nice velvety texture that is easy to sip. The flavor has a surprising amount of agave in it, considering how generally easygoing it is. There’s a touch of bite on the finish, but ahead of that it’s got lush notes of green vegetation and pure agave, peppery but not fiery.

All in all it’s a good spirit that veteran and novice tequila drinkers will both be able to fully enjoy — although it is on the expensive side. 100% blue agave, naturally.

80 proof.


PaQui Silvera Tequila Blanco




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