Review: 2006 Blason d’Aussieres Corbieres

Review: 2006 Blason d’Aussieres Corbieres

A Languedoc wine from the Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) empire, this dark red is composed of syrah, mourvedre, grenache, and carignane grapes. Nothing very special, Lafite says it chooses the grapes for this wine to be “mature, fresh, supple, and fleshy” — terms which don’t mean a whole lot and which are a little contradictory, actually. In reality, this Corbieres is young, tart, and on the jammy side, with little of the varietal character that those Rhone grapes would indicate. Fairly harmless, but feels largely like a wasted effort.

B- / $20 /

2006 Blason d'Aussieres Corbieres




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