Review: Absolut Berri Açai Vodka

Review: Absolut Berri Açai Vodka

Rest assured, açai mania is not yet over. Swedish vodka giant Absolut is just now getting into the game with this antioxidant-loaded flavored vodka, just in time, probably, for açai fever to finally run its course. (The future is yumberry, people!)

Açai is not exactly known for being a delicious berry on its own, and fortunately Absolut aims more for the “Berri” in its name than the “Açai.” With (natural) blueberry and pomegranate the added flavoring agents here, which helpfully balances out the bittersweetness of the açai.

In truth, Absolut Berri Açai has a more vague fruit punch character, which makes it a fine choice for sweet, Cosmo-like cocktails, and even the sweet-toothed on-the-rocks drinker. As a flavored vodka, it doesn’t do much more than your typical citrus infusion, but on the whole it’s pretty harmless. On its own it tastes better, if less complicated, than VeeV. Cheaper, too.

80 proof.

B+ / $20 /

Absolut Berri Açai Vodka




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