Review: The Original Honey Brown Lager

Review: The Original Honey Brown Lager

Credited as one of the first beers to use honey in its recipe, The Original Honey Brown launched in 1994 by Dundee Brewing Co. but, after the novelty faded, abruptly vanished from the market (the brewer blames an overly high price and packaging changes). Over a decade later, it’s back, with a big sales push, a lower price, and the original yellow, orange, and brown label intact.

I don’t remember the original Original Honey Brown, but this one sure is a keeper. Clearly infused with honey (Manitoba White Clover), it’s sweet but not cloying, smooth and velvety in texture but still distinctly a beer. Those seeking complexity should give it a pass. Original Honey Brown only pays lip service to bitterness, and hops are a vague impression, not a core part of the beer. In other words: Expect sweetness.

Pretty good on its own or, dare I say it, with dessert.

B+ / $7.50 per six-pack /

The Original Honey Brown Lager




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