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Recipe: The Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Cocktail

Our friends at came up with this one, to be “unveiled” at la.venue in New York on Saturday, January 30. It is presented here without comment.

The Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ Cocktail Recipe from’s Stephen Dennison & Tom Fischer

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey
Evan Williams Honey Reserve
1 Bottle of Hefeweizen beer
Bottle of Jack Daniel’s Honey Smokehouse Barbecue Sauce (for the “BBQ Water”)
1 Orange

For BBQ Water: Combine a full bottle 19 oz of Jack Daniel’s Honey Smokehouse Barbecue Sauce with equal part of steaming hot water in mixing bowl. Whisk until incorporated. Let sit to cool or refrigerate.

Combine Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Evan Williams Honey Reserve, BBQ Water and a squeeze of a quarter of an orange in a cocktail shaker and shake over ice. Strain and pour into martini glass.

Dry shake a fourth of a bottle of Hefeweizen beer (hold tight to shaker as carbonation may cause shaker to explode). Spoon beer foam over top of the cocktail to garnish.

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  1. Mr Big February 19, 2010

    Are you FK’n KIDDING me? This sounds disgusting. I barfed just reading the recpie!


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