Review: Vermont Spirits Limited Release Vodka

Review: Vermont Spirits Limited Release Vodka

Vermont Spirits already makes two vodkas with the strangest source material around — milk sugar and maple sap — and now it’s gone the “limited edition” route.

Vermont’s Limited Release Vodka is also made of maple sap, but only the “early run sap,” the first flows of the “sugaring” season when sap is drawn from maple trees. This sap is lighter in color and milder in flavor, supposedly it’s used to make the very finest maple syrups available.

It’s also used to make vodka, in this case less than 1,000 hand-numbered 375ml half-bottles each year. While the idea of “limited release” vodka might sound a little absurd, this one’s legit. A very limited quantity of this early run sap is available, and if you’re fortunate enough to find a bottle of this stuff, consider yourself lucky.

Like Vermont Gold (the company’s maple sap vodka), Vermont Limited Release is sugary but not overwhelmingly sweet, balancing vodka’s medicinal character with light and playful sweetness. It’s not as sweet as Vermont Gold — in keeping with the early run sap story — which probably makes it more of a connoisseur’s vodka than its forebear. Good stuff, even if its price tag does make it one of the most expensive vodkas on the market.

Reviewed: 2008 Edition (the current release). 80 proof.

A / $45 (375ml bottle)

Vermont Spirits Limited Release Vodka




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  1. K on December 30, 2009 at 10:00 am

    I live near VT, so I’m definitely going to keep my eyes open for this one. While it sounds good enough to drink on the rocks, I wonder how it (or its non-limited siblings) would taste with citrus juices – maybe a special Firefly or Lemondrop.

  2. Anonymous on May 13, 2021 at 6:35 am

    I think your vodka tastes like tequila. I was very surprised. I’m sorry to say I’m not a big fan. I wanted to like it. I love the packaging

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