Do You Need a White Wine Aerator?

Do You Need a White Wine Aerator?

I’m a fan of Vinturi’s Wine Aerator, a now much-copied gadget that instantly aerates your wine as you pour it through the device and into your glass. Handy, convenient, and quite the conversation piece.

Seeking to expand its empire, Vinturi has released a version designed for white wine. the Vinturi White Wine Aerator, “exclusively designed for use with white wine.”

Well… OK. I have put the white wine aerator to the test and found it works great. In fact, it works identically well to the red wine aerator, because as near as I can tell, it is identical. The design is the same, the operation is the same, and the end result is the same. The only difference: Instead of a band of black plastic around its midriff, the White Wine Aerator has a white band. It also has a white stand and a white carrying case.

The other issue at hand: You don’t really need to aerate your white wine, to be honest. A few swirls in the glass and you’re good to go with most whites… and I’ve yet to find a white that benefits from aeration at all.

So grab the White Wine Aerator… or the original one from Vinturi. Honestly it doesn’t matter at all. [BUY IT FROM AMAZON]

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  1. Chris on December 28, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    No, no you don’t.

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