Review: Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur

Made from coca leaves. Wow, OK. Not quite sure how to even begin with this one.

Agwa de Bolivia (“crafted in Amsterdam”) is one hell of a liqueur, a mouthwash green monster that’s pungent with menthol character and greener than Scope — and, yes, made with real coca leaf. (Hey, don’t get too excited. So is Coca-Cola.)

Powerfully minty, I imagine this is what you’d get if you dissolved a bunch of Hall’s menthol cough drops in 60 proof alcohol, and added in plenty of artificial coloring to make it look psychedelic.

Agwa suggests you drink no more than three shots of this stuff in one sitting. I think that actual number might be somewhat lower.

D+ / $35 /

agwa de bolivia coca leaf liqueur

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