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Review: Bulldog Gin

bulldog gin

Yes Virginia, they still make gin in England, despite all the Johnny-come-latelys operating out of the States and other countries.

In fact, you might say they still make the best gin in England, as time and time again these blokes prove that they can’t be beat when it comes to flavoring neutral spirits with the little berries off of evergreen trees.

Bulldog Gin is a quadruple distilled spirit, 80 proof, that hails from London proper. Infused with the traditional botanicals, it adds to the mix considerably by including in its ingredient list dragon eye (aka longon), poppy, lotus leaves, lemon, almond, cassia, lavender, orris, licorice, angelica, coriander, and of course juniper.

The result is distinctly gin but hardly something I’d call a “bulldog.” The spirit is actually quite delicate and mild, a harsh rebuke to the over-greened Beefeaters of the world. Picking out the flavorings is tricky. The juniper is certainly the strongest, but I also get a lot of lemon, then the lavender and the licorice. (But rest assured it’s not absinthy in any way.)

Best of all, Bulldog isn’t harsh but is quite smooth and easy to drink solo, rare for a lot of gins. Whether you’re a tonic type or want a slightly unusual martini, Bulldog is an excellent pick, one of the best gins on the market today and at a great price.

80 proof.


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  1. bulldog video November 2, 2010

    hi. does anyone have any bulldog training videos?

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