Tasting Report: Pol Roger Champagne Lineup

Had the chance to taste all seven current varieties of Pol Roger Champagne, a brand which dates back to 1849. Old Pol should need no further introduction, of course… here are some thoughts on the house’s current lineup.

2000 Pol Roger Brut Rose Champagne / $115 / A- / yeasty but otherwise quite pleasant

1999 Pol Roger Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne / $129 / A- / very easygoing

1999 Pol Roger Brut Vintage Champagne / $103 / B+ / similar to the Blanc de Blancs, but a little strange on the finish

NV Pol Roger Brut Reserve “White Foil” Champagne / $55 / B / harmless, fit for “daily” drinking

NV Pol Roger Pure Brut Champagne / $72 / B / extremely creamy, but unbalanced

NV Pol Roger Rich Champagne / $64 / C- / takes the Pure recipe and adds loads of sugar to push into demi-sec/sec territory; yeast-infused and unpleasant

1998 Pol Roger Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill Champagne / $259 / A- / rightfully earns the Pol Roger top spot, with a huge mouthfeel and the best expression of fruit in the lineup, but not that much better than, say, the Blanc de Blancs


pol roger champagne

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