Review: Wine Swirl Wine Aeration System

Review: Wine Swirl Wine Aeration System

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Are your arms wildly misshapen or underpowered for your size, like a T. Rex? If so, you might need Wine Swirl, an automated “wine aerator” that will swirl the living hell out of your fermented grape juice with little more than a flick of the wrist.

Wine Swirl may look a bit scientific because, frankly, it is. It’s the exact same thing used in chemistry labs to mix reagents and potions and stuff: The electrically-powered base includes a spinning metal component; you drop a small rectangular magnet into your decanter (the provided one or your own), and turn the knob on the base to make it go. The swirling action is actually pretty impressive, creating a vortex that extends all the way down to the bottom of the decanter.

Results: Less than a minute in the Wine Swirl will soften up even the hardest, most inaccessible of wines. But is the effect much more impressive than you can achieve on your own by vigorously swirling wine in a big glass for a few seconds? Well, not really. And having to fish a tiny magnet out of your wine (these things are destined to get lost, I’m afraid) with a special metal rod sort of ruins the mystique of your wine experience even more than a screw cap does.

Now having a piece of scientific equipment on your bar is one thing. Paying $150 for it is another… Yeah, it works, but is it worth it? At least watch the video on their website before you judge. Oooooh, a whirlpool!

B- / $150

Wine Swirl Wine Aeration System




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