Review: Rain Flavored Vodka Lineup

The folks at Rain — which makes vodka from organic white corn and distills it seven times — have recently expanded their lineup to four uniquely flavored vodkas. We got our hands on the complete lineup. All are 70 proof and flavored naturally.

Rain Lavender Lemonade is a comparably mild concoction, but quite sweet (as are all of these vodkas). The lavender is understated, but the lemon is fairly present on the palate. The finish is a little saccharine but not wholly unpleasant. Could see using this in a cocktail with (actual) lemonade. B-

Rain Red Grape Hibiscus Vodka takes two odd flavors and puts them together to create curious spirit. You get both flavoring agents in the mix, but it’s the grape that is considerably more prominent, the flowery hibiscus more present in the finish. Not bad, but the sweet grape is a bit much, leaving things a little too sweet. B

Rain Cucumber Lime Vodka hops on the cucumber bandwagon… but I have no idea why Rain adds lime to this mix when cucumber alone would have been a much more interesting way to go. The lime adds (again) an unnecessary sweetness to the vodka, though on the whole this isn’t unpleasant. B

Rain Honey Mango Melon is a triple threat of flavors, but it’s the melon — primarily cantaloupe-like — that dominates this infusion. Though honey is in the name, this vodka is, surprisingly, less sweet than all the other Rain flavored vodkas. Probably my favorite of the bunch — but where’s the mango? B+

$19 each /

rain flavored vodkas

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  1. Mr. Mastodon Farm November 17, 2009 / 12:06 am

    I find even the base Rain vodka to be very sweet, so if they’re adding additional sweetness then these must be over the top. It’s a shame that most vodka makers feel the need to add sugar to their flavored products–it’s not like people are drinking them straight! (Or ARE they?) I actually really like the flavored Stolis, in large part because they DON’T sweeten them.

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