Review: 901 Tequila Silver

Review: 901 Tequila Silver

901 tequila silver

Most tequilas try to trick you into feeling nostalgic with their fancy, old-school bottle designs, calligraphied labels, and rich histories.

901 says to hell with all that: This is a modern tequila with up-to-the-moment styling. (Curious why? This is a Justin Timberlake project. No, really.)

The tequila, however, is indeed a classic experience. Available exclusively in a silver/blanco version, 901 is a smooth, sipping tequila made of 100% agave (and of course 80 proof). The approach leads you to believe it’ll be a big and nasty experience — green on the nose with a distinct pepperiness. But 901 is surprisingly easygoing, a big slug of agave on the palate quickly gives way to a lightly sweet body, a very round tequila with minimal bite. The finish brings back pepper and fades quickly. Very easy to sip on this one, despite having no age on it.

By the way: Totally hate the rubber-and-metal stopper, which has a nasty tendency to pinch your fingers when you’re trying to jam it back in the bottle.

Note: In 2014, Sauza acquired 901 and rebranded it as “Sauza 901.” This specific expression of 901 is no longer available.

A- / $48 

901 Tequila Silver




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  1. Paul on October 27, 2009 at 7:02 am

    A tequila named after the Memphis area code? Now I’ve seen everything.

  2. Carlos Garcia on March 25, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Yet another brand of tequila, here is a little trivia. Did you know that there are less than150 tequila producers allowed to make tequila in Mexico? and did you know that there are over 600 brands in the market. Do not be fooled most tequilas are mass produced and then sold to companies which in turn bottle it and then sell it under different names. This 901 is not exception, just a fancy bottle with a fancy spoke person pushing it. To my this 901 tequila is still strong, I think the process of distilling it 3 times makes it loose flavor, there is still a hint of agave but compared to some of the REAL good blancos this one is no match. Its like putting a Kia engine in a Ferrari. If you want to try a blanco that will rock your world, then try El Tequileno. It is priced at $34.99 and it has won more than half a dozen awards worldwide including a double gold at this year’s San Francisco International Beverage Competition. Just my tow cents. Thanks!

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