Review: Deanston 12 Years Old

Review: Deanston 12 Years Old

deanston scotch 12 year

This Highland Scotch whisky is hardly a major name in the spirits world, and production has stopped and started several times in the last few decades. Now Deanston is back and going strong, and its 12-year expression is likely the most common one you’ll find.

Deanston 12 is a very light whisky, somewhat oily in texture and very pale gold in color. The nose is minimal, and the initial palate offers only a hint of things to come. Once you get into it, some solid, peaty smoke character finds its way into the body, undercut with honey and lightly floral notes. It’s a very interesting combination of experiences though it’s so slight it’s hard to get overly excited about it.

I’d recommend it for any Scotch novice, or anyone looking for something easy and unchallenging, perhaps as a first dram of the evening.

92.6 proof. Try a tiny splash of water to cut through some of the heat.


Deanston 12 Years Old




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