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Review: Conjure Cognac

conjure cognac

If nothing else, I recommend you get your hands on the press book for Conjure Cognac, a new spirit brought to you by rapper/actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. Filled with pictures of Bridges sniffing samples at France’s Birkedal Hartmann while surrounded by dapper Frenchmen, it’s as bizarre a promo for a spirit as I’ve encountered.

As for Conjure Cognac itself (tagline: “Imagine the possibilities.”), it’s exceedingly fruity, with a big apple character, and a hefty, sugary and spicy finish. The initial rush is quite tasty, but that finish is tricky, almost like that of a cheap rye whiskey. There’s wood in there but it’s too smoky, and it doesn’t fit will with the hefty fruitiness in the body. The end result can only be described as out of balance.

As a mixing brandy, which is how I figure most people will consume it, Conjure works. On its own, though, Conjure isn’t half as smooth as it wants to be. Sorry, Ludacris.

And by the way, pay special attention to the white, lacy etching on the bottle for an, er, intriguing surprise.

80 proof.

C+ / $30 / conjurecognac.com [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

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Conjure Cognac



Christopher Null

Christopher Null is the founder and editor in chief of Drinkhacker. A veteran writer and journalist, he also operates Null Media, a bespoke content company.

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  1. anonymous September 28, 2009

    I am sorry but I tend to disagree completely with your analysis of the brand. On the contrary, I find it exceedingly smooth unlike many of the competitors. The finish is long and the character is a bit spicy on the palette. Conjure is completely balanced and the commentary from people who have tasted it across the board neat is that it is “smooth.”

  2. Anonymous December 2, 2009

    No, he’s completely correct. This is just a barely decent spirit produced by someone who really has no idea what good cognac is. The reliance on smoothness does not, in any way, compensate for it’s over-fruitiness and weak, unbalanced finish. So in response to the comment left by anonymous, you might consider researching what qualifies as a good cognac and give your palette something a little better to dwell on.

  3. Arthur Shamburger December 8, 2009


    I’v tasted many conacs around the world
    traveling in the military . I live in the Midwest
    of Kansas, and the spirt is not avaible. So,
    how do I get my hands on a bottle ?

  4. Anonymous January 7, 2010

    ok to say that it was produced by someone who really has no idea what good cognac is is a completly false statement. First of all, he wasn’t the creator, he just gave his recommendations to the people that really know what good cognac is. So your basically saying that the people who have been making cognac, and making good money doing it, for years, don’t know what they’re doing. You are completly wrong, if u don’t like it thats fine, just say that, but to make an ignorant statement like that is completly uncalled for… But any way it goes, Chris Bridges is going to make alot of money from it!

  5. Dupree Sauls January 21, 2010

    Clearly he is simply a spokesman promoting the new cognac. Does Ciroc sound familiar??? Same concept sell quintupled after Diddy started to market the vodka. Just a way to reach out to the “Black” community. We are the minority in America ….not the world. Liquor is an international market….have to market to both sides of the spectrum or you’ll kill yourself in sells…Tommy Hillnigger is an example of social suicide

  6. Casper January 21, 2010

    I don’t understand your statement Dupree, they are NOT just for the “black” community, Diddy and Luda are international stars, what that mean is ask a pole (meaning that live in Poland) if he know of Diddy and Luda, I bet you they could spit out lyrics. The markers of cognac saw Luda as a international star, not just some key to open the door to the “black” community. Thats an ignorant statement on your side, because he’s black, raps, and is the spokesman, the cognac markers are trying to reach to the “black” community, how does that make any sense. Think about it.

  7. Mikeyy.Rock.z January 22, 2010

    Okay personally i totally agree with Casper. And Dupree you sound ignorant for some of the words you are saying. Plus Even though Diddy was just “spokesman” you can ask him any question about Vodka and he can answer because he is a Vodka drinker(look at him on the Ellen show). But Luda is International for his music and acting he doesnt just branch to the “black” community. Stop attacking your own race clown.

  8. Mikeyy.Rock.z January 22, 2010

    Plus just go lsiten to Luda cognac mixtape and hear what he saying about the drink in his interviews

  9. bluuwhoodo February 20, 2010

    his mixtape mentions mixing with pineapple juice, but his website doesn’t even mention any drink mix recipe with pineapple… how much did ludacris really input to the site…?

  10. GUERRO 4RM DA CHI February 26, 2010


  11. GUERRO 4RM DA CHI February 26, 2010


  12. Doopsta March 4, 2010

    Get it here:

  13. Anonymous March 13, 2010

    Mikkey/casper and dupree are both right. Luda and diddy are international faces that help market these brands but at the same time, they are there to assist in sales to the black community. Think about it, rappers sing praise about Hen and Remy. Go to a party with mostly blacks and there’s a good chance you’ll run into a bottle. Nobody but snooty rich ppl cared about cristal till JayZ n diddy and everyone else started screaming it from the rooftops. Same goes for usher and patron (at least he was the first person I heard talk about it). So yea, these international faces help market to their massive fan base but if they didn’t and it was idk, keith urban instead? The black sales would be drastically smaller

  14. G money March 22, 2010

    I looked at the lacy design but can’t make it out. What is it supposed to be?

  15. Dupree Sauls March 29, 2010

    OK, may be you all didn’t understand…the fact that they are international stars has nothing to do with the fact that those particular individuals will have a larger stimulus in black communities more so than their white counterparts…. making them more appealing to a larger spectrum of people…and still has nothing to do with the original statement i was addressing…. they are marketing tools..nothing more..Ciroc existed without diddy and conjure can exist without ludacris.. but they are the one that put that extra publicity on it…not saying that they couldn’t use White icon to get the same results but this is just more likely… google targeted markets…the shit is not a coincidence

  16. DuRod March 30, 2010

    Personally, I could care less who markets the product. What I haven’t heard is whether or not this is a VS, VSOP – it’s age. A truly good spirit should be taken straight, most people are so quick to destroy the character of a drink by adding a handful of ice & some kind of mix like cola or ginger ale. If so, stick to the lower end of the sprit you like to drink, that way you won’t be wasting your money destroying a higher end product and never truly understanding it’s taste, quality & finish! It’s about the product, not some celebrity!

  17. James April 2, 2010

    Thank you DUROD. I come to this website to review and discuss this cognac product but, clearly you guys are a bunch of fools who are taking this into a whole different level.

  18. GPhi April 13, 2010

    Okay, after all this yipping and yapping about the marketing and racial intentions of the liquor company who has actually tasted conjure and what did you think of it. If you have not tasted it I don’t care about your opinion. Is it worth the $30 I am about to shell out. Now I have been drinking Hennessey for the past 21 years and have never had anything else. Is this worth a try.

  19. snipes89 April 27, 2010

    do they sell conjure in florida..im heading there in 2 weeks and i live in Canada, they dont have it here so im just wondering..thanks!

  20. Deej April 28, 2010

    @ 19snipes, my fellow Canadian, they most definitely sell Conjure in Florida! enjooy!

  21. snipes89 April 28, 2010

    thanks for the reply my man!!

  22. BradLee May 5, 2010

    This drink is just as great as Hennessy, but this finishes out smoother then its counterpart. At the end you dont have the fire like feeling at the back of your throat as other cognac’s. And to answer your question about what makes out to be on the bottle. Its women in different angles posing.

  23. udafish May 26, 2010

    You can buy it at http://www.bevmo.com the pictures on the bottle are silhouettes of naked chicks.

  24. monopoly June 21, 2010

    the conjure like someone mentioned above does not have the after burn now that i think of it. It is hard and soft at the same time which is what i look for in cognac. they just started selling it in toronto canada so i got one just this past weekend as i was about to get the 750 hennessy and they i seen that so i just ended up getting that. and i dont regret it one bit my girlfriend liked it too.

  25. Erodasi August 1, 2010

    DuRod makes a very good point. How long was the spirit in the barrel? That is how you truly compare it to its competitors. I drink Remy Martin VSOP. It has been my drink of choice since March 1988. I have not found any Conjure yet. I have tried other cognacs, many overseas, and consider myself a Cognac Connoisseur. Having a celebrity endorse a product does not automatically make it better than any other. It just demonstrates how people lack the individuality to just do things. Stop waiting to follow someone or something. By the way, stop the alcohol abuse. Cognac should ONLY be mixed with your palate.

  26. acch4x August 16, 2010

    Bridges worked with the best and brightest of the cognac development, and hand blended the majority of the mixes before the best was chosen. And he did an excellent job in my opinion. It is very smooth, and unlike many counterparts, it’s great plain and as a mixer. Well worth my money. And for the pineapple mixer commenter, find Bridges Twitter pictures and he tweeted some of his mixing ideas for not so daring ladies.

  27. ken August 17, 2010

    I find it very smooth but a little thin. Not much going on here. Does not impress me like my Camus VSOP, but I can’t compare to the better known brands. It’s good enough that you should try it for yourself. If you are just getting into cognac it’s a great choice.

    I found Conjure at the NH state liquor store — bought it blind on price — $30.00.

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  29. leader October 13, 2010

    Conjure is a good cognac if you like paul mason or e&j vsop. It’s more of a mixable cognac than it is to be drunk neat or on ice. Whether Luda “made” the cognac or just had a hand in the making of the cognac is of little importance. The main thing is that Luda, Diddy, Snoop, Dash are a great way to promote the product. Now many of us can name anything else made by Birkedal Hartmann. I can almost guarantee not very many of us can. I’ve been in the liqour business for many years and distillers will get someone who is in the main stream to promote their products. In defense of some of the people who posted comments here, cognac in general are marketed towards either rich or well of Whites or towards Asians and African Americans. Much like how Bud is marketed toward the lower to middle class blue collared population and Bud Lite is not, or at least not as much.

  30. leader October 13, 2010

    Here is just a list of some of the products that are endorsed by singers
    Ciroc – Diddy
    Armadale – Damon Dash
    Landy – Snoop
    Cruzan – Kenny Chesney
    Conjure – Luda
    Jim Beam Red Stag – Kid Rock

    Those are just the ones that I can name off the top of my head right now. There are much more, but I can’t remember.

  31. Boobilly bum February 10, 2011


  32. Alexandre February 20, 2011

    It’s a VS Cognac right? There is a review available here:

  33. BigFeL82 May 12, 2011

    You guys should try mixing Conjure with pineapple chunks n ice in a blender..and dont be cheap with the conjure!!! You will be surprised how good it is. Trust me!!!!

  34. Og wisdom June 26, 2011

    this is the sloppy cognac, im not complaining but like say i dont sip it right, its nto gonna burn me real bad. like some stronger cognacs(same alcohol but theyre thicker) they might bea littlemore difficult to drink properly buti yo udo it leaves a morefull taste and to be honest the actual alcohol slides down better and youre leftwith less of the burning sensaton, … the thickness helds it slide down this thinner cognac it can be more difficult but if you move your tonguearound its not gonna gunk up like thicker cognac, i prefer a thicker more floral cognac as comparedto this, remy martin vsop in my opinion is the best cognac, idk it might be brandy i saw on the webstie the remy vsop red label is brandy andgreen label is cognac…. now if the red label is that good i bet the green label is greater (same price) but NO ONE EVER HAS IT IM JUST LIKE WTF ON THAT ONE … anyways its good cognac id drink it over hennessey but thatstuff churned (but not hennessey privilege or vsop) especially if it was aged, anything with 10 or 15 years on it just gets better cognacs a truly special thing, dark spirit lover, (im a gin man at heart tho ;))

  35. deandro July 28, 2011

    Hey honestly speaking, i only drink conjure cognac and ciroc vodka because ludacris and diddy endorse them, real sh#t !

  36. Missy January 7, 2012

    Conjure is definitely worth a try. I am a devoted Hennessy fan. That is my tops favorite and what I drink most every weekend. Hennessy is definitely high in ranks when it comes to cognac. It is a premium brand. With that being said, Conjure could fit the bill as a very fine cognac as well. I found it to be just as smooth as Hennessy. It is hard to match up with or to even be in the likes with a brand such as Hennessy. It is not Hennessy but definitely not far behind and is a great substitute for the drink. I wish people would quit debating on the superstar behind the drink and just try it firsthand. The author that started this thread is way off because this drink can definitely stand alone without being mixed. The question is, can he handle it?

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  38. Beth M Knowles November 15, 2020

    I found it smoothe enough, but the junior high school stamped infantile images depicting ‘booty call’ screamed ‘LOW CLASS’. The unfinished bottle will wait for guests who exclaim, ‘Cognac, what’s that?’


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