Review: Suntory The Yamazaki 1984 Single Malt Whisky

With just 300 bottles coming to the U.S. this fall, odds are good you are not going to be drinking any of Suntory’s Yamazaki 1984 vintage whiskey — the first vintage-dated whiskey the company has released in the U.S.

And that’s a shame, because based on what is the teeny-tiniest sample of a whiskey I’ve ever received (see photo for evidence; that’s a 50ml bottle next to the little Yamazaki) it’s a very fine whiskey.

Cinnamon notes are prominent on the nose and the body, with a minty finish that really just hints at the wood — Japanese oak — in which it is aged. At 96 proof, it’s surprisingly easygoing and needs no water. Unfortunately a few sips were all I had to explore this whiskey, and it all went away far too quickly to form any more detailed notes.

Still, one thing is evident: This is good stuff. Try it, Mr. Moneybags!

A- / $600 /

yamazaki 1984 whiskey

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