Classic Recipe: The Pink Squirrel Martini

Classic Recipe: The Pink Squirrel Martini

pink squirrel martini

madmen_standardA good friend sent me a link to this recipe on the Mad Men “1960s cocktails” page today (where you can make your own Mad Men avatar like the one to the right here) and almost dared me to make one. It’s odd, because almost all the other recipes on the page you still see around, at least from time to time. The Pink Squirrel? Not so much.

Odd little cocktail. I told her I’d give it a spin tonight — frankly I’m not sure I’ve ever had one before. And so I broke out my bottles of white creme de cacao and creme de noyaux (almond flavored) — both of which were at least five years old and neither of which had ever been opened once — and mixed up a batch. Not bad at all. Creamy almond flavor with a hint of chocolate, a lot like a biscotti, and quite refreshing as a dessert drink. I used milk in the recipe and didn’t have any Stoli, by the way, but I think it turned out just fine.

Oh, and of course, it is pink, so if you’re looking for something manly to drink, well…

The Pink Squirrel Martini
¾ oz. crème de noyaux
¾ oz. (white) crème de cacao
½ oz. Stoli vodka
1 oz. fresh cream

Pour all over ice in mixing glass. Stir and serve in martini glass.

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