Who Wants Cheap (Yet Fancy) Wine?

The bottom is falling out of the top of the wine market, and it’s probably about time.

Per the Wall Street Journal:

Total U.S. wine sales rose about 5% in terms of volume in the first quarter from a year earlier, but wines priced at $25 a bottle and up fell about 12%, estimates Jon Fredrikson, an industry consultant with Gomberg, Frederikson & Associates in Woodside, Calif.

One sign of the times: Auction Napa Valley — the premier charity and social event of the year — raised just $5.7 million last month, down sharply from the $10.4 million raised last year.

The upshot: Bargains a-plenty, especially if you’re willing to comparison shop. Markdowns of 30% on premium-priced wines are becoming common.

Clue us in on any big deals you find!

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  1. Trob July 10, 2009 / 7:36 pm

    I’ve noticed some of the large grocery chains (namely Safeway, but also places like Nugget and Raley’s) discounting all of their premium wines by 25-40% at various times in the last 6 months or so. Back in May I bought two bottles of BV’s 2005 Rutherford Cab for $30 – they’re usually priced at $25 each.

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