Review: 2008 Lander-Jenkins Chardonnay “Spirit Hawk”

Review: 2008 Lander-Jenkins Chardonnay “Spirit Hawk”

lander-jenkins chardonnay

At 14 bucks a bottle, Lander-Jenkins’ “Spirit Hawk” Chardonnay (sourced from unspecified California vineyards) doesn’t exactly aim for the stars. Lightly oaked, it’s a simple wine, with fair apple character, some grapefruit, and a good slug of hammy meat in the body.

The mouthfeel is fairly rich and creamy, and a touch of pineapple on the finish makes it more interesting than you might otherwise expect at first blush.

Solid value, but nothing off the charts.

B / $14

2008 Lander-Jenkins Chardonnay "Spirit Hawk"




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