Snapple Goes Natural

snapple tea natural

The call it the Best Stuff on Earth. Hyperbole, perhaps, but at least that now means it’s not loaded with corn syrup.

That’s right: Snapple has the “natural” bug, undergoing what the company calls the most significant makeover in its 37-year history, replacing corn syrup with natural cane sugar. (Previous “natural” claims got Snapple into legal trouble…) Depending on the variety, calories are reduced up to 20 percent in the process.

I’m trying two varieties — Green Tea and Peach Tea — and find both refreshing and completely lacking in any harsh chemical character. The Peach is appropriately sweet, lightly flavored (“natural flavors” and citric acid are the only ingredients beyond water, tea, and sugar) and with a good dose of fresh tea flavor (both black and green tea leaves are used). A 16-ounce bottle has 180 calories but (yikes) 45 grams of sugar.

The Green Tea is a little closer to something you might call healthy — 131 calories and just 33 grams of sugar in a 17.5-ounce bottle. Full of fresh, natural, green tea flavor and slightly less sugary, but still sweet.

I haven’t tried enough of the Snapple Natural varieties to offer a full grade or review, but am enjoying what I’ve tasted so far. (I wanted to compare them to the old, corn-syrup Snapples, but they all seem to have vanished from the market already.) Try one for yourself and see how you think the new Snapple stacks up!

$1.50 to $2 per bottle / [BUY IT FROM AMAZON]

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