Review: Aberlour a’bunadh Scotch Whisky

Amazing how impressions can differ over time and given a more leisurely tasting environment. I first encountered Aberlour’s a’bunadh at the Whiskies of the World event earlier this year and absolutely loved what I tasted. I finally bought a bottle this week and, while I still enjoy it, I find it’s not nearly the godsend I’d previously declared.

Big and brawny, straight from the bottle this is a heftily alcoholic Speyside whisky, overwhelming with the sherry tones from its years (no age statement is given) in oloroso sherry butts.

The dark copper color is incredibly rich, even after adding water. (This is a cask strength whisky (actual proof varies by the batch you get; mine is 121.2 proof, from batch 26) and it really needs some H2O to bring out its character.)

After you tone it down, a’bunadh becomes more charming, underlaying its sherry character with a chalky sweetness and lightly peaty notes.

Now I’m curious what batch number I had at WotW…



(batch 13 pictured)

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