Review: Corzo Silver Tequila

Review: Corzo Silver Tequila


Fragrant with light evergreen notes, Corzo is a delicate, lovely blanco tequila (100% agave, of course) that deserves top-shelf attention.

Most blancos are heavy with vegetal agave notes — which can be pleasant but are often overpowering and sometimes harsh. Corzo is refined, but also full of flavor. It’s a bit minty, a bit like visiting a forest (though not specifically woody, which would be strange in an unaged tequila), and quite creamy in mouth feel.

The round body leads to a crazy smooth finish, so much so that I actually murmured something to the effect of wow… as I headed in for another taste. Blanco tequilas don’t often come along this complex and interesting yet so easy to drink.

The bottle as well deserves special mention, a glass monolith that resembles a giant perfume bottle. It looks like it’ll be hard to pour from, but Corzo obviously spent some design time to avoid spills. That little lip at the spout works like a small trough which funnels the tequila outward appropriately and gently as you pour it. Even pouring into a narrow pony glass, I didn’t spill a drop.

Thank God for that.

80 proof.


Corzo Silver Tequila




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