Review: Cofia Hazelnut/Espresso Vodka

Review: Cofia Hazelnut/Espresso Vodka

cofia-vodkaMan that’s good stuff. Threading a fine line between a standard coffee-flavored vodka and Frangelico, Bendistillery’s Cofia is about as good as flavored vodkas get.

Actually, at just 50 proof it’s practically more a liqueur than a vodka, but that just goes to show how much flavoring goes into this spirit. Those flavors — all natural, mind you — infuse Bendistillery’s Crater Lake vodka with an intense and rich character. The hazelnut, richly roasted, is strongest on the nose, while the coffee character comes out most strongly in the body. It’s sweet, but not cloying, and it goes down oh so easily. Probably too easily, to be frank.

Infinitely mixable, Cofia has become a popular dessert drink ingredient at Drinkhacker HQ, where it’s gotten to the point where I had to hurry up and grab a fresh shot for this review before the bottle was emptied.

That said, while the flavor of Cofia is to die for, the ’70s-styled label is a matter that’s somewhat less universally agreed upon…

50 proof.

A / $30 /

Cofia Hazelnut/Espresso Vodka




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