Review: Phillips Black 100 Liqueur

Review: Phillips Black 100 Liqueur

phillips-black-100The poor man’s Jagermeister, Phillips Black is a wildly flavorful, very sweet, licorice-like herbal liqueur designed for drinking cold and, most likely, extremely fast so you don’t realize what hit you.

The 100 in the name refers to the proof level and the Black the color your soul will be after drinking three shots of this stuff. Drop it in a frozen shot glass and put it side by side against Jager, and most frat boys won’t know the difference in the final moments of happy hour… but you actually won’t be saving much money along the way: At $14 a bottle, Jagermeister’s only about $2 more expensive for a bottle, plus it’s got a picture of a crazy deer on the label.

Of course, Jagermeister’s only 70 proof, so if you’re looking to get trashed on tongue-lashing sweet stuff, Black 100 will do the job precisely 42.8 percent more rapidly.

As for the taste, it’s palatable and even somewhat interesting on the rocks or out of the freezer, but it’s so sweet it might give you diabetes after the first sip.

100 proof.

C / $14

Phillips Black 100 Liqueur




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  1. Kim Stephens on March 22, 2023 at 7:31 pm

    Why did they quit making the Phillips black 100???? It’s discontinued

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