Review: Three Olives Cherry and Grape Vodkas

Review: Three Olives Cherry and Grape Vodkas


The flavored vodka keeps pouring in to Drinkhacker HQ. Today we look at two from Three Olives (now trademarking the moniker “Three-O”) — practically classics that are widely available, Three Olives’ cherry and grape infusions. Both are transparent/uncolored, 70 proof, and blend natural flavors with “imported English vodka.”

three-olives-cherry-vodkaThree Olives Cherry Vodka – Big flavor here, with a strong nose of sweet, Maraschino-style cherries and a body that has a good balance between the sweet and some tart, Bing-like cherry flavor. It’s hard for any cherry-flavored spirit to avoid tasting medicinal, because our taste buds have become so accustomed to cherry flavoring in liquid, syrup-style drugs, but 3O’s Cherry largely manages to avoid that comparison. Overall, a very good flavored vodka. A-

Three Olives Grape Vodka – Nothing that says it’s grape flavored ever really tastes like grapes, and 3O’s grape infusion is no exception. This is an accurate and alcoholic version of grape Kool-Aid, with a strongly sweet nose those heavy, “purple” aromas. The taste is up-front with that sweet grapelike body, but the finish brings on a harsh, bitter character. It’s even harder to make a grape-flavored spirit, in my opinion, than a cherry one, but Three Olives still doesn’t quite hit on the right forula here. Not at all a bad try, though. B

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