Review: Spirit of Liberty American Cream Liqueur

If we strictly reviewed packaging here, well, we’d have some choice words about the bottle for Spirit of Liberty, which is mostly comprised of a plastic Statue of Liberty atop a small vial of bourbon cream liqueur. I’m not sure what those words might be yet, but I will note that it’s available in larger bottles without the curious accouterments if you’re serious about drinking this stuff.

The idea here makes sense: Irish whiskey has its own cream liqueur based on the spirit (Bailey’s, Carolan’s, etc.), so why not bourbon, too? Mix cream with a little Kentucky whiskey and here’s what you get.

Spirit of Liberty, I have to say, is far sweeter than any Irish cream liqueur I’ve tried, and I wonder if it isn’t artificially sweetened to make it so overwhelming (it is interestingly also 1/3 less caloric than other cream liqueurs, according to the makers). Vanilla is the primary flavor of the liqueur, but additional notes are fleeting and ultimately elusive.

C+ / $18 /


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  1. Todd Jackson April 13, 2009 / 12:02 pm

    LOL. I love it! It looks like a Jeff Koons piece.

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