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Review: Laphroaig 25 Years Old (2009)


As promised, we’re back with another ridiculously expensive, very rare Scotch whisky — Laphroaig’s 25-year-old limited edition, weighing in at $500 even.

I have to say, I’ve always wondered what old Laphroaig would taste like, and my curiosity is now sated: It’s amazing.

With this 25-year Islay whisky, all that harsh, oil-fire phenol that’s part of the classic Laphroaig portfolio is mellowed out, leaving behind a more modest peat-fueled smokiness and a far more impressive sense of balance than any of the other Laphroaigs, 15 years old and younger.

The way this 25-year combines the smoke with the sweet — a sherry, citrus sweetness laced with honey — is really quite impressive, and one gets the sense that Laphroaig 25 came out of the cask at just the right time.

At 102.4 proof, I was expecting some heat, but not as much as the spirit displayed. This is a damn hot whisky, and while I had no trouble sipping the 30-year Ardmore (at 114 proof) on its own, Laphroaig 25 absolutely needs water to become enjoyable.

While $500 is a lot to swallow, this is definitely my favorite Laphroaig expression I’ve tasted to date.

102.4 proof.

A- / $500 / laphroaig.com [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

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Laphroaig 25 Years Old (2009)



Christopher Null

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  1. augustgarage April 11, 2009

    Nice tasting notes, it sounds like an improvement on the 30yo. Unfortunately it seems clear that the U.S. market is being gouged, as the 25yo can be had from the UK for less than half the suggested U.S. retail price (including shipping).

    I wonder what the 18yo is going to be similarly stratospheric?


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