Review: 2007 High Note Malbec

Review: 2007 High Note Malbec


Judging by the amount of malbec that rolls in here, it really is the fastest growing wine varietal in the U.S. Oftentimes, malbec is weedy, green, and super-tannic, but sometimes a really nice bottle rolls around, like High Note’s 2007, which also happens to bear a rock-bottom price

This Argentinian wine from Mendoza is lightly tannic while being impressively lush and rounded, lightly herbal,and backed up with plenty of purple fruit. Not overly complicated, it’s an easy-drinking wine with a very mild finish. Works well on its own but is even better with food.

Best of all is the retail price: 13 bucks. Hunt around a bit and you’ll find it as cheap is $9. That’s a tough bargain to beat.

B+ / $13

2007 High Note Malbec




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