Review: Crispy Green Crispy Bananas

Freeze-dry anything and you can’t really go wrong.

I’ve tried several of Crispy Green’s dried fruit products. Crispy Banana is the company’s sixth fruit to go through the drying chamber and come out in foil-wrapped nuggets. (0.53 oz., the size of one packet, equals the fruit from one full, pre-frozen banana.)

Bananas are a tricky fruit to freeze-dry due to their high moisture. But pop one in your mouth and they explode with banana flavor, with that pleasant, crunchy, popcorn-like texture. The problem comes right around bite #3, once the bananas take on a lot of moisture from your mouth and turn from crispy treat to soggy mess that bonds amazingly well with your molars.

It’s not a total loss (the goo comes out eventually) but it’s not my favorite Crispy Green product (that’d probably be the Crispy Apples). Give them a whirl next time your adventures take you out of the atmosphere.

B- / $1.49 per 0.53-oz. pack /


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