Review: Red Stag by Jim Beam Black Cherry Bourbon

Review: Red Stag by Jim Beam Black Cherry Bourbon


I don’t know what deer have to do with cherries, but you try coming up with a name for you black cherry-infused whiskey, OK?

Red Stag — which is Jim Beam bourbon “infused with natural flavors” (predominantly black cherry, one would assume) — is as good a name as any for what Beam has come up with here. We received one of only ten preview bottles distributed — and to be blunt, Red Stag tastes pretty much exactly how you’re expecting: It’s heavy on the cherry flavor, sweet to the point where it’s almost cloying, and the classic Jim Beam bourbon character takes a seat considerably further back in the bus.

The concoction — though a full 80 proof, unusual for a flavored spirit — is clearly targeted at the more novice whiskey drinker. There’s really no point in drinking this straight and, though it’s perfectly tolerable on its own (if a bit syrupy), it’s far more suited for mixing. It almost goes without saying that Coke is the obvious and natural companion for a cherry-flavored whiskey, and that’s definitely the way I’d recommend you try drinking it — or better yet, using it to woo bourbon neophytes toward sampling the elixir.

Don’t run to stores to grab a bottle just yet: It’s set to be officially released this June.

80 proof.


Red Stag by Jim Beam Black Cherry Bourbon




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  1. John Anderson on February 19, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    My wife and i have been drinking Red Stag seen she found it at a liquor show last summer. i agree it is awesome mixed with coke!!! but,… we drink ours just the way we drink our Jager,…. striaght and striaght from the freezer!!! yep! its a bit syrupy and if your not careful,. spilled its a mess to clean up.
    But if you want a good strong drink that has that sweeter taste to it then i say ya gotta try this one!!
    We have Red Stag parties, where if you want something else to drink, STAY HOME lol

    Thank to Jim Beam!!!! 10 thumbs up!!!!!!!!

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