Review: Jameson Irish Whiskey

Review: Jameson Irish Whiskey


Come Tuesday, many of you will be picking up a bottle of Irish whiskey to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and for most of you, it’ll be either Bushmills or Jameson.

Can’t blame you, both are solid Irish brands and you can often find them for about $16, especially this time of year.

Some more detailed thoughts on Jameson, which I wanted to review more officially than I have in the past, in honor of March 17th’s arrival.

This is a very clean whiskey, and I’d recommend it for any general-use application (be it drinking straight, inclusion in a cocktail, or as a topical disinfectant). Served neat, it’s got some heat, but that quickly fades and leaves you with the guts of the drink, a citrus- and honey-laced classic whiskey that’s real surprise comes with the inclusion of a minty character throughout the body.

Definitely a lot to like here… but check out reviews of other Jameson expressions as well.



Jameson Irish Whiskey




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