Review: Good Earth Coffee

Review: Good Earth Coffee


Been checking out the three offerings from new organic coffee outfit Good Earth. Again, this isn’t a coffee-centric blog, but I drink enough of it to know a good cup from a bad one.

The Good Earth brand dates back to 1972, dedicated to healthy and delicious food and drink. Now delving into coffee, the 100% Arabica coffees are all blended from various sources — a medium-roast Sienna Blend from South America and Africa, a dark-roast Mystic Blend from South America and Asia, and a decaf Sedona Blend (dark or medium roast available) from South America only.

Good Earth’s major failing is that in all it’s blends it is too light in flavor. The Sienna Blend (rating: C) is extremely light, with just a bare hint of traditional coffee and light sweetness. The Mystic (rating: B) fares better, quite a bit smokier and offering some cocoa character, but a little charred and chalky on the finish. Tried the Sedona medium blend (not the dark), with similar comments as the Sienna (though perhaps with a slightly deeper flavor profile).

The coffees are widely available. Probably not to You may want to try a cup or two to see if they’re to your liking before you stock up on pounds of the stuff.

about $9 per 10-oz. bag

Good Earth Coffee




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