Review: Sierra Nevada “ESB” Early Spring Beer

Review: Sierra Nevada “ESB” Early Spring Beer


It’ s kinda jokey: Sierra Nevada’s new ESB stands not for Extra Special (or Strong) Bitter, but for Early Spring Beer, released just in time for the Spring Equinox and your thaw-time enjoyment.

To be sure, the copper-colored ESB is crafted in a vaguely British, nicely-hopped style, though it’s far less hoppy and bitter than even a run-of-the-mill pale ale. Very light, slightly sweet, and with a refreshing kick of bitterness in the finish. I like it quite nicely, and as far as names go, “Early Spring” is an awfully appropriate one.

5.9% abv.

A- / $13 per 12-pack /

Sierra Nevada "ESB" Early Spring Beer




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