Review: Reed’s Raspberry Ginger Brew

Review: Reed’s Raspberry Ginger Brew


Take a standard Reed’s Ginger Brew and add 20 percent raspberry juice and what do you get? A nicely refreshing drink that offers the best of both the ginger and fruit juice worlds.

To be honest, that 20 percent raspberry goes a long way, overpowering the ginger component more than you’d expect — although it doesn’t make a specifically raspberry impression, more of a vague red-berry character. It’s sweet but not cloying, with a big berry finish.

Worth a shot in lieu of standard ginger ale — or instead of cranberry juice — in any cocktail, just to see how it turns out… and also very pleasurable on its own.

A- / $19 for twelve 12 oz. bottles

Reed's Raspberry Ginger Brew




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