Review: Springbank 21 Years Old

Review: Springbank 21 Years Old

springbank-21-year-scotch-whiskyDug up this old bottle at a friend’s house last night… one whiff and I knew I’d found something special. Springbank isn’t a big name in Scotch whisky in America, but if its younger (and less expensive) bottlings are anything like this one, it really deserves to be. Located in Campbeltown (on the little peninsula that juts out toward Ireland alongside Islay), it claims to be the only distillery in Scotland that performs 100% of the production process in its own facilities — including floor malting, maturation, and bottling.

This 21-year whisky is smooth as silk, offering lush honey sweetness and a strong kick of heather. Perfect balance, with a touch of peat and coal soot to remind you of a night by the fire. A nice, long finish ends up on a sweet note and reaching for the bottle for another dram.

Tragically, Springbank doesn’t appear to make the 21-year malt any more, and what’s left on the market is horribly expensive. Do what I do: Find a friend who has some, and drink it while he isn’t looking.

86 proof.


Springbank 21 Years Old




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