Review: Fever-Tree Ginger Ale

Review: Fever-Tree Ginger Ale

fever-tree-ginger-aleWell known for its line of artisan mixers, Fever-Tree is definitely a brand to watch out for if you’re looking to elevate your simplest of cocktails (gin and tonic, scotch and soda, or whatnot) to something more impressive. After all, a tall gin & tonic is probably 70% tonic, depending on your glass, so the quality of the mixer is going to have a huge impact on how the drink tastes.

Fever-Tree’s ginger ale is, like all of the company’s products, flavored with all-natural ingredients (cane sugar, not corn syrup). Popping a bottle open, I was surprised to discover how light and fresh the drink tasted. Most “artisan” ginger ales are hefty with lots of pungent ginger, but Fever-Tree tastes more like 7-Up with a nice ginger aftertaste. It’s sweeter than most ginger ales, too (and slightly higher in calories, ounce for ounce), but overall really pleasant. Carbonation is on the lighter side, which makes it go down perhaps too easily.

This is exceptionally easy to drink on its own, but of course it’s a real winner in a cocktail. If you’re looking for a touch of ginger in your cocktail rather than overwhelming ginger character, Fever-Tree is the bottle to grab.

Incidentally, the company also recently announced a ginger beer — which I imagine will have a far stronger flavor — though I haven’t seen it on shelves yet.

A- / $5.69 for four-pack of 6.8-oz. bottles / [BUY IT NOW FROM AMAZON]

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