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Review: ViB “Vacation in a Bottle” Chill-N Flavor


Vacation in a bottle? It’s like the Holy Grail of beverages… but is it too good to be true?

Vacation in a Bottle — or ViB — is a non-alcoholic, lightly carbonated soft drink, sweetened with cane sugar (not corn syrup) and some sucralose, flavored with natural pomegranate and goji berry juices  (at least this first rendition, called “Chill-N,” is), and spiked with amino acids, vitamins, and other goodness designed to make it a healthy alternative to a Red Bull or other pick-me-up.

At just 60 calories in a 12-oz. can, it’s not too fattening, either.

vib-new-bottleWhile the smell is reminiscent of many any energy drink, the taste is much lighter, with faint berry notes (nothing I’d peg as specifically pomegranate) atop a moderately sweet core. The carbonation is very light, too, and overall it’s a very easy-to-drink (and arguably even relaxing) beverage. The only downside is a strongly chemical aftertaste, almost certainly a side-effect of the sucralose, which gives the whole affair a Tab-like finish. Kind of a bummer way to end your vacation in a bottle… but don’t all vacations end kind of badly anyway?

As a side note, the name begs the question… shouldn’t Vacation in a Bottle come in a bottle, not a can? [Update: The company says ViB will soon be available in bottles… which are pictured at right.]

B+ / $3 per 12-oz. can

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ViB "Vacation in a Bottle" Chill-N Flavor



Christopher Null

Christopher Null is the founder and editor in chief of Drinkhacker. A veteran writer and journalist, he also operates Null Media, a bespoke content company.

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  1. Brody Lancaster April 9, 2009

    Icky icky stuff. I wouldn’t put out a fire with this poison.

  2. Don April 29, 2009

    Anybody know where you can find a bottle/can of this stuff? Never even seen it anywhere before…not even at 7-11.

  3. gruhn June 3, 2009

    Is this a Relaxing drink or a pick me up? Very confusing marketing. I found one at a little hole in the wall convenience store but couldn’t figure out what it was going to do to me.

  4. Christopher Null June 3, 2009

    gruhn – Supposed to be relaxing.

  5. apower July 2, 2009

    ViB is a relaxation drink (think opposite of Red Bull). It’s found at 7-11, Market Street, RaceTrac and other C-stores nationwide. IF you can’t find it, contact ViB on their web site and they will send you a sample and tell you where you can find it in your area. The new flavor Mango Lime just launched this week. The drink contains L-Theanine, which is the same amino acid found in green tea — hence — the calming effect.

    Relaxation drinks are part of a category of beverages known as “functional beverages”. Functional beverages have added vitamins or other ingredients that enhance the drink. ViB has low sugar, low calorie and is a great alternative for soda drinkers. It’s enhances focus and relaxation without giving you the energy crash associated with energy drinks. Amy

  6. Drink Meister July 3, 2009

    Dumb idea, check out the canned and “approved” response above – very robotic, forced and stupid..”functional beverages”? wow, reaching……..go back to community college and re-enroll in that marketing 101 class you dropped there Amy.

  7. Josh August 24, 2009

    Drink meister…”Functional Beverages” isn’t a name that Amy came up with…if you’d done any internet research on this drink yourself, you’d know that. There’s nothing wrong with the explanation above, you just wanted a chance to feel cool on the internet and drop that tired “go back to community college for marketing 101” line…talk about “forced and stupid”, not to mention predictable.

  8. Bailey November 12, 2009

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME GUYS!! this drink is a very appealing drink… ive drank about 5 of these drinks and they are heaven.. i enjoyed each one. the cleaver mind puts the thought of being on a vacation and with the beautiful picture on the front you really feel like your on one, and makes you sad that you have to be done with it. me being a 16 year old enjoyed this very much…. the taste is so much of what its called… but i do like it still.
    if this product was sold where i am… i would totally buy it in replace of my propel. this is yummy stuff and give props to the makers and creators of it. :)
    after every bottle i announce “well guys, looks like I’m done with my vacation. Bring me another one!”

  9. EDUARDO December 3, 2009


  10. Jason December 7, 2009

    This stuff is nasty. The can looks like you took a picture and glued it on there! C’mon now! So a few energy drinks make it big and everyone thinks they can do it.

  11. Heather Marie December 12, 2009

    I drank this today.
    I was fine until about twenty minutes after i drank it, and then I felt almost like I was going to collapse, I had only drank about 1/2 the can and was browsing through fred meyers store. I felt good for a bit, happy, but then It caused me to again, nearly collapse and fall asleep sitting up. I don’t reccomend this to any adults, if you want something relaxing, drink camomile tea…

  12. Bob December 20, 2009

    I drank one about 4 hrs ago, To see what all the hype was about, From what I thought about all the taste, I didnt think it was to bad to be honest, It wasnt the best, But it wasnt the worst it was so- so. I cant believe kids can just by this off the shelf, They should atleast be 18 minimum, And I sure think there should be some sorta law on driving well drinking these, vib claims to keep your functional well relaxed and happy, I drank a whole bottle, About 30 mins later, I started feeling it come on, I felt relaxed, My eyes got a lil lower from being tired, And I was a lil happy just at ease with life, Kinda like smoking marijuana.
    With in a full hour my ass was just out, lol…. This shit just hits your ass sneaky… I would recommend it for anyone who has trouble sleeping, And wants to drink something a lil bit more healthyer then liquor before bed to crash out on….

  13. Anonymous January 19, 2010

    I drank this the other day. It was just a really light drink, light flavor and light on the carbonation. Not the best flavor IMO but I got used to it after a couple sips. I did not get tired or drowsy or any of that AT ALL. I am also under 18.

  14. Rik Bannister February 9, 2010

    this stuff sucks and the creators are douchebags to boot…….it does nothing, the packaging is crap, the flavor is crap.

  15. Anonymous February 11, 2010

    I drank this earlier today when I woke up, and I already had enough sleep and I was fully awake. It put me right back to sleep and when I woke up I felt like I saw my body but could not move it. But it tasted good and I plan on getting more.

  16. J-Dogg February 22, 2010

    people, its just a drink no need to get all butt hurt sheesh. The drink can be called a” downer”, it gives a calm, chill feeling. And the opposite would be a red bull, monster, nitrous etc. which are “uppers”. you cant really expect to much out of any drink so thats about it.

  17. Wise March 4, 2010

    You want the same effect as a vacation in a bottle? Just drink a few cups of green tea. Key ingredient here folks is the amino acid, L-Theanine. This link may help you educate yourselves so you don’t have to make these mindless [email protected] Holdings none the richer. Cheers!>


  18. Lester Willingham May 5, 2010

    Josh must work for VIB, not to worry, you’ll return to being an unemployed idiot soon enough.

  19. Ty June 7, 2010

    Lester – listen how stupid you sound!! lol. You have no proof of anyone here posting working for any employer. Making a hasty generalization like that only shows, A) Your uneducated, B) You have an ego, and C) You’re miserable so you insult others.

    No one is coming down to your level I’m afraid. Sucks to be alone, doesn’t it?

    Btw folks, I love this drink. Tastes great, and the big plus for most – is some of us do not like to do caffeine because we like to treat our body good.

  20. CRSOUTHERNMAN November 27, 2010

    You know people, its alright to say you don’t like the drink, it taste bad to you, or the drink doesn’t do what it says, okay! I do not work for or am I a family member of persons who work for the producers of this drink, LET’S GET THAT STRAIGHT. However, my mother gave me 6 cans for my family. I am 50 Years old, my wife is 44, my son is 26. All of us enjoyed the drink and it does relax you and helps you to go to sleep better. For those who don’t like the drink, okay already but, stop hating on a company that is trying to offer people a product that they MAY like. That’s why the world is so messed up now, people have to hate so much. You hate the drink, you hate people of another race, you hate people who believe this or that, you may even hate yourself. Just say, you don’t like the drink but stop hating.

  21. Patricia December 9, 2010

    You said it all CRSOUTHERNMAN people love to hate, i really think it had a great taste compared to alot of other drinks, i just drank mine and regaurdless of the effect i enjoyed the drink. And the picture on the bottle is what grabbed my attention in the first place , it stood out from all the other bottles and cans, someone went right somewhere!!!! ;)

  22. CRSOUTHERNMAN December 11, 2010

    That’s what I am talking about, thank you Patricia. If you said what you said and then added “The drink wasn’t for you” then that would have been fine but you said “Regardless of whether you were affected by the drink, you enjoyed the taste” I have a whole lot of respect for you because your comments were dignified for you and the company. Thanks alot for your comments.

  23. Shif December 24, 2010

    Tried this today for the first time today, and i found while it wasn’t the greatest tasting it wasn’t horrible. It did have a mild calming effect and I feel that if i had enjoyed two, tonight would have ended a bit sooner


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