Review: Noah’s Mill Bourbon


Another entry from the Kentucky Bourbon Distillers consortium, Noah’s Mil is a standout from this bottling group. Produced in small batches, it arrives in the bottle at a downright sweltering 114.3 proof, and sipping without water makes one positively sweat.

Add a touch of water to the amazingly dark, toffee-brown bourbon and you get something quite wonderful. Though it’s barely mentioned on the bottle, I’ve read this is a 15-year spirit, which makes it not quite a senior citizen among bourbon whiskeys but definitely a baby boomer in the prime of its life. It certainly smells and tastes its age: The nose is charcoal and wood, a strong indicator of long years spent mellowing in the barrel.

But once you get that rustic wood character out of the way, Noah’s Mill reveals some serious, sophisticated charm. Bourbon’s characteristic sweet caramel and vanilla are evident in spades, and the sweetness level is just about perfect — not cloying, but strong enough to balance out the savory wood character. Surprisingly smooth — at least with water.

Overall, this is an impressive whiskey and can be found for pretty remarkable price for its age and proof level — $45 is pretty common online, but it’s a crazy $70 at my local BevMo. Shop around and stock up.


Noah's Mill Bourbon




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  1. DarkTrader on May 26, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    I can vouch for the sweat – wow! Just got this on my Whiskey Explorer sampler (, quite good and the price is right. For the money though, I might rather have Knob Creek if I want that kinda heat!

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