Review: Glen Moray 16 Years Old

Review: Glen Moray 16 Years Old


A Speyside Scotch, aged 16 years and matured in old Chenin Blanc white wine barrels. This amber/copper Scotch is rich with flavor, a solid malt core backed up with lots of fruit. A big fruit salad in this one, with apples, bananas, and some cinnamon/clove spices to top it all off.

Though just 80 proof, try it with a splash of water to bring out more of the malt.

This is a quite sweet malt, but not cloying. I keep going back to it again and again… it’s really quite a delight to drink, with a moderate finish that brings out a touch of its peaty character.

As for the Chenin Blanc, well, I am not getting much wine character from this whisky — but Chenin Blanc is so delicate a wine I really wouldn’t expect to. Makes me curious about why it was chosen to begin with… but as an experiment in whiskymaking, it’s a big success all around.

(Note: Tasted the 700ml European bottling. Not widely available in U.S.)

80 proof.

A- / £26 (700ml) / 

Glen Moray 16 Years Old




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  1. J wHite on December 12, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    site says shortbread biscuit malt and chewy oak. and very candy boiled sweet like. Is there prickly oak and very strong alcohol smell?
    the 12y is 20$ cheaper but could be more more unripe citrus tart fruits. maybe 16y is the softer one or beefy malt one.

    was thinking HP12 just it says island region. i cant drink pulteney as to drying and that sherbet attack.
    i thouhght HP was more honey fig, with earthy peat fire smoke. is hp thin like basic laphroig 10 40% filtered version. mmm i dont know.

    my taste is bland too lately. maybe i could get unchilfiltered of something.

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