Review: Organic Nation O-N Vodka and Gin

Review: Organic Nation O-N Vodka and Gin

Organic spirits are a category that you just can’t stop. Organic Nation hails from Oregon’s Cascade Peak Spirits Inc., and Organic Nation Vodka and Gin are the company’s first two offerings. A ginger-flavored vodka and at least one whiskey (organic whiskey is decidedly rare) are coming in 2009. While we wait for those, we occupied ourselves with the initial bottles. These products are both certified Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, which the company says is the most restrictive organic certification in existence.

Organic Nation O-N Vodka – This 80-proof vodka is distilled from a blend of rye, wheat, and corn, and it’s smooth as silk. There’s no mistaking it: This is vodka, with a moderate nose of medicinal aromas, but from there, O-N gets much more complicated. A mild sweetness attacks the palate, and dessert notes of vanilla and cocoa wash over on the finish. Creamy and buttery — but with a pronounced bite — it is at once a traditional vodka and a modern one. Very limited availability. A- / $30

Organic Nation O-N Gin – This 86-proof gin is said to be one of only four organic gins in the world. Flavored with 12 botanicals, it’s non-traditional, including both black pepper and basil in the blend along with more typical gin components. You’ll definitely catch the basil in the mix, but the pepper is more elusive. Citrus is more prominent in the concoction, with a touch of bitterness on the finish. Another winning product and something for gin-lovers to try and seek out. A- / $30

Organic Nation O-N Vodka




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  1. Diane Paulson/CEO on December 12, 2008 at 7:06 am

    Chris, thanks for the wonderful review. As of last Friday, Dec. 5th, we are available in CA with C.V.I. Brands: Obviously, a great gift for that discriminating Imbiber! Keep up the good works. I wonder if I can get my hands on that Cattier champagne up here in Oregon?
    Happy holidays!

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