75th Anniversary of Prohibition’s Repeal

75 years ago, this blog would not have been possible. Never mind that computers and the Internet didn’t exist — alcohol was illegal, too!

On December 5th, Prohibition’s Repeal celebrates its 75th anniversary: It was 1933 when we were finally cured of our disastrous 13-year run of bathtub gin and bootlegging. Colorful times, to be sure, but hardly the way a sophisticated country works.

Check out more information about the big event at the Jeff Morgenthaler’s RepealDay.org or the Distilled Spirits Council’s ProhibitionRepeal.com website. And, it should go without saying, knock a couple back today!

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  1. Christopher Null December 5, 2008 / 8:07 am

    Steve-o: Good point, but that said, I’d rather have a broken alcohol distribution system than none at all…

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