Epicurious’s Top 10 Food Trends for 2009

Epicurious previews the menus of tomorrow with this interesting list.

Noodle bars are becoming more popular (Blade Runner, here we come!)! Peruvian food is in! Ginger is the new mint!

And apparently we’ll be eating a lot of smoked food next year… and drinking smoke-infused cocktails as well:

Bartenders are smoking their bourbons (Eben Freeman at Tailor, for example), and chefs, recognizing the national craze for BBQ, are smoking more than just salmon and ribs: nuts, salts, even smoked steelhead roe (at Chicago’s Alinea). Who says smoking’s bad for you?

And the hip place to eat in ’09? You’re gonna have to schlep all the way to Portland, Maine.

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