Review: Knappogue Castle 1993 Irish Whiskey

Amazing aromas of fresh banana and bubble gum punctuate this vintage single malt Irish whiskey (a rarity from Ireland), its malt playing against the fruit like you’d get in a malted milk ice cream sundae. Chocolate is surprisingly strong as well, coming up to tease you after the initial spicy fruit notes fade away.

And despite this curious character, the Knappogue 1993 is smooth and light — the color is a pale straw — and a long and sweet finish make this a perfect little dessert whiskey. It will not be for all tastes, but at a bargain basement price (when you can find it at all) you’d be crazy not to try it should you encounter a bottle. 80 proof.

A- / $38 /

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  1. Edoc December 14, 2008 / 4:10 pm

    There’s a bottle of ’94 Knappogue at my local liquor store. I’m thinking of picking that up before it disappears.

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