Review: Parasia Digital Wine Thermometer with LED Light

Review: Parasia Digital Wine Thermometer with LED Light

Many wine bottles and reference guides helpfully offer an “optimum” temperature at which a wine should be served. Sticking the wine in an ice bucket is easy. Actually measuring the temperature it’s at is the hard part.

Parasia’s Digital Wine Thermometer looks a lot like an oversized pen. Uncap it and dip the probe in your wine. A digital display quickly indicates the temperature, to the nearest tenth of a degree. On the other end, you get a bright LED flashlight, good for all manner of drinking concerns, including aid in decanting your bottle of vino.

The thermometer works well, but it’s flawed in that it can’t easily be used with wine that’s still in the bottle. The size and shape make it better for wine that’s already in the glass… but by then it’s already too late to be chilled further. I’ve long since used an Aube thermometer that’s got a rubber stopper on it that lets it fit right into the wine bottle itself (it also has settings for a variety of wine styles, and an alarm that chimes when the wine has hit the correct temperature), and I still prefer the Aube to the Parasia. On the other hand, the Parasia is more portable and elegantly designed, and the flashlight is a nifty touch.

Official pricing isn’t available, but I’d expect it to run $20 or less (about the same as the Aube).

B+ / $NA

Parasia Digital Wine Thermometer with LED Light




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