Did I Say “Discriminating”?

Did I Say “Discriminating”?

Not only is there a World Series of Beer Pong, but it’s about to have its fourth annual showdown:

BPONG.COM is hosting the 4th annual World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas from January 1-5, 2009. The event is held at the renowned Flamingo casino and hotel right on the Vegas strip.  BPONG.COM has ongoing registration until December 5, 2008. Registration is $500 per person, which includes your hotel room for the duration of the tournament and registration for the WSOBP IV. This is the ideal winter break trip for college students.  Students are on winter break or intersession, entry and lodging is affordable, and the coolest thing is that the grand prize of the WSOBP is $50,000!

Prepare yourself at www.bpong.com.

If any of your readers make the journey, please send us some pics.

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