Tequila Tips from Herradura

Tequila Tips from Herradura

Nothing saddens me more than watching someone order a top-shelf tequila, then suck it down in one gulp with salt and lime.

Herradura offers some tips on how to drink tequila the right way, whether you’re having a light silver or a deep anejo:

– Before tasting, hold the glass up to a light. Swirl slowly and notice its legs – more rested tequilas show more body.

– Take three small sniffs from the center of the glass to get a sneak preview of the taste – you’ll notice a different bouquet with each expression.

– Take a small sip of the tequila to get used to the alcohol taste. Then take a second sip and keep it in your mouth while exhaling through your nose to distinguish its aroma. Keep the third sip in your mouth for a few seconds to notice the flavor and texture of the spirit. Is it fruity? Spicy? Smooth? Close your eyes and try to pick out the different taste notes.

– Assess the flavor of the tequila that stays in your mouth and describe your experience to those around you.

All good advice, though you might go easy on “describing your experience to those around you,” lest you get a punch in the face from a guy holding a bottle of Corona.

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  1. Greg Harned on November 19, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    Great notes, and relevant as tequila soars in popularity. Your blog is great!

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