Review: 2006 Potel-Aviron Moulin à Vent Vielles Vignes

Probably my favorite of the latest batch of Beaujolais is this Moulin à Vent from Potel-Aviron.

It has strong Gamay character, to be sure, with that kind of funky, vegetal, anti-rust undercoating but with a tightly would core of stone fruit that elevates the experience considerably. Interesting flower notes come dangerous close to smelling a bit like old-lady perfume, but, thankfully, not quite. Really intriguing and easy to drink on the whole.

Potel even recommends bottle aging some of its Moulin à Vent for a year or two, a real rarity with Beaujolais. Wish I’d done so before drinking it tonight. Dag nabbit!

B+ / $23 /

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