Review: Gale Force Gin

Review: Gale Force Gin

One final look at the product line from Triple Eight Distillery — we’ve covered their vodkas and rum already. Surprise: Gale Force Gin may very well be the best thing the company makes. Then again, maybe that’s not such a shock. Nantucket bluebloods consume all the gin in this country already, so they’re probably just swell at making it, too.

If overpowering juniper isn’t your thing, you’ll love Gale Force. Yes, juniper is there. In fact it’s the predominant flavor in the gin. But the citrus notes are lush without being too tart. The finish is quite dry and crisp, but the mouthfeel is creamy and rich. The bite is very mild. Overall it’s a winner, working well in cocktails and even on its own. (At 88.8 proof, I was surprised how easygoing it was, even without water.)

The price may be a bit high for a spirit this simplistic, but there’s all kinds of gin drinkers out there, and those looking for a milder version of the classic would do well to consider it.

88.8 proof.

A- / $35

Gale Force Gin




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