Review: Ron Atlantico Private Cask Rum

Review: Ron Atlantico Private Cask Rum

Unless you live in Miami, good luck getting your mitts on Ron Atlantico. For now, this fine Dominican rum is sold only in South Florida, though fortunately the company is planning expansion. Where and how quickly… that’s the question.

The origin of Ron Atlantico is interesting: It’s a bourbon-dark rum that’s belnded from a selection of small batch aged rums handpicked from the Dominican Republic. The rums are married into casks where they’re aged a second time, followed by another set of barrels where they’re aged using the solera method. (Solera’s too complicated to explain here. Read the Wikipedia entry for all the details.)

Three different aging cycles to produce one bottle of rum… that’s intense, and the care shows in the glass.

This is an exceptional rum (at a standard 80 proof), vibrantly sweet and full of tropical fruit. The wood imparts a caramel/chocolate note to the spirit, wonderfully balanced and without a trace of that harsh bitterness that you get with many lesser rums. This is easy to drink straight (on the rocks or neat), a sipping rum perfect with dessert or on its own. (I’m having it with the kids’ Halloween candy. Don’t tell anyone.) The finish is long, smooth, and offers a fading sweetness that lasts for the better part of a minute. Lush. Really, really impressive.

The interesting bottle comes in a wooden box, padded with moss. Keep your eye out for it, and if you find a bottle, snap it up immediately.

80 proof.

A / $35

Ron Atlantico Private Cask Rum




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  1. Oliver on December 23, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    You can purchase in the DR as well! In Miami at the Globe!!!!

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